Sunday, March 11, 2007

Nothing says middle eastern PS3 launch like Shakira

Sony . like . no . other

We all know you love your PlayStation 3, but we don't know how you feel about pop singer Shakira. Oops, you might be shouting now?

I came here to read about PS3 not Shakira.

" Yeah, we know, but unfortunately (fortunately for some, we bet) she's going to be somehow related to you and your PS3.

Apparently, she will be having a performance in Dubai this coming March 23 as part of her "Oral Fixation Tour" and as part of the PS3 launch there.

Anyway, the said concert is being co-produced by SONY with Mirage Promotions. And to tell you the truth, Marketing Manager of the PlayStation Division for Sony Gulf Mr. Thomas seemed pretty excited about the event.